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Welcome to Venus Staffing Business Solutions page. Venus Staffing is a specialized and experienced company that provides small, medium, and even fortune 500 businesses with permanent to temporary staffing to meet any solution. With over a decade of experience Venus Staffing can assist you with locating staff that you can depend on with little work on your part.

Venus staffing provides all businesses with easy hiring solutions for individual events, ongoing project commitments, both temporary & permanent job placement, and finding everyday stress free dependability. Venus staffing specializes in several categories and can work with several types of business.

Categories including:

And much more. Visit our About Us page to see what other categories may help your business. In addition Venus staffing services covers businesses both nationally and internationally. They can help you decipher between which personnel you need or what type of specialist you need for your specific project.? A few national locations include Iowa, LA, New York, Texas, and Michigan.

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If you are looking for dependable, highly motivated, and dependable staff or just want to fill project to project staffing Venus staffing is your one stop shop.

We Take Care of the Interview Process

For businesses there are often situations, or other duties that you can better utilize your time handling than finding new staff. Venus Staffing opens up this time by doing the interview process for you. Each applicant for hire is already researched and evaluated for experience, capability, and dependability. So you don't have too. With our years of experience we are able to ensure that you get the staff you need when you need them.

Business Benefits of Using Venus Staffing:

  • Locate dependable and independent staff
  • Locate dependable temporary staffing for events & projects
  • Cover a wide array of industries
  • Cut out the interview process
  • Have staff on hand to fill your needs
  • Locate staff both National and internationally (For instance in: New York, LA, Texas, Utah, Iowa, and Michigan to name a few)

If you are looking for a great way to outsource your staffing solutions Venus Staffing can provide you with over a decade of experience, and knowledge at the click of your mouse, or with a quick call. If you have special interest projects and need assistance Venus Staffing is your Business Solution. Browse our website and connect with Venus Staffing today for all your staffing solutions.